Virginia, MN

Northland Animal Hospital
Healthy pet Oral health for the pet

Wellness / Preventative

Dental / Emergency

Keep your pet healthy

Our wellness services cover checkups, nutritional consultations, internal/external parasite checks, and flea and tick preventatives.


Our preventative surgeries include spay and neuter, cat declawing, stomach tacking, and a variety of other surgeries.


We will help you keep your pet happy and healthy throughout their life.

Specialized services

Our professional team will ensure the oral health of your

pet is part of their regular health plan.


If your pet has been injured or becomes ill, call us     immediately.


We are a full service veterinary hospital available to assist with the care of your pet.

Northland Animal Hospital

We advance the quality of veterinary care

• Checkups

• Nutritional consultations

• Consultations

• Internal and external parasite checks

• Flea and tick preventatives

If your pet is sick or injured, it is best to call during our regular office hours; if it is after hours call 218-749-5206 and you will be instructed to call the on-call doctor

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